How To Reach Out To Vendors

Reaching out to vendors.

Some vendors have a wholesale website, some vendors you will have to reach out to via whatsapp. Please note some vendors are overseas.
You can download “WhatsApp” free in the app store.
Example of what a WhatsApp number looks like.
+86 777 7777 2233
Important reminder: To contact vendors on whatsapp you must save them to your personal
When contacting a vendor remember this is a business contact them in a professional manner, this will let them know that you will be a serious and consistent customer and that you mean business. When reaching out to your vendor , know what you want ahead of time and be prepared, Clearly discuss what your interest are . It is best not to contact vendors until you know what you want and have the funds to make a purchase if they have what you require, sending constant message with no purchases will causes vendors to feel like your wasting there time.
See below for an example message to send to a vendor.

If you are receiving an error message or are unable to message a vendor, it is because you have not completed the step with entering the contact correctly.

My name is (your name) and I am interested in doing business with your company. Please send me pics/videos of your inventory along with pricing. What are your payment options? Do you have a MOQ (minimum order quantity)? Please share your website or Instagram so that I can view your catalog. I’m a very serious buyer referred to by Build the boss and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank You (your name).
Note: some vendors are overseas so given them time to respond as they are on a 12 hr time difference. For example, 12pm your time may be 12am their time. For quicker responses contact them during the evening and nighttime.
Again: These vendors receive a ton of messages daily! You may not receive an immediate answer. Your approach must be correct and professional. They receive a ton of messages from individuals who are not serious. You don’t want them to place you into this category. Thoroughly read over these instructions and prepare your questions before contacting them. It is ok to ask them questions to gather information. However, please try your best not to bombard them with several questions with no intent to make a purchase. Wait until you are serious about buying so that you do not appear to be wasting their time!
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